The incredible L’Cafe

Issabelle Hayden, Senior Writer

Two years ago a few tons metal and wires were delivered to a new room off of the commons, and then beautifully crafted into what I believe to be the best part of our new school—The L’café.

The L’café is so much more than just a meeting place for the culinary classes, it is so much more than just a kitchen, it is even more than just the room great smells waft from every day. From the massive walk in fridge, to the industrial double ovens, to the flat top grill and sandwich hot box, the L’café mirrors a kitchen of professional stature.

Prior to entering the L’café for the first time following its completion my sophomore year, I was taken aback by the fantastic spectacle that was the L’café. The presence of this incredible equipment is a major reason why the L’café has been able have so much success over the last few years.

The L’café bears more than just the opportunity to develop culinary skills, it also builds up the confidence of students working within its walls, which is why so many students leave the culinary arts program prepared to find work in the food industry.

In the time since I joined the culinary arts program, I have worked in multiple restaurant kitchens and the equipment that has made its home in the L’café is superior to all of them.  Having had the opportunity to work on this equipment is the reason I believe I have been able to work in the food industry, and the reason I feel confident that I could be successful working in nearly any professional kitchen.


So thank you L’café, for allowing countless students like myself to develop their skills and confidence, becoming prepared to find success in the real world.