Snowpocalypse ruins a night at the movies

Bridget Ury, Photography Editor

And the Oscar goes to… Tolo being canceled. Key Club’s Tolo has unfortunately been canceled three of the four previous years. However, Tolo wasn’t canceled due to underachieving ticket sales this year. Rather, it is due to the impending snow storm, or snowpocalypse, that is predicted to drop 12 inches of snow.
“We saw the weather report about how it is supposed to snow a foot between Friday night and Saturday. It was going to be unsafe for students and staff to be driving,” Key Club advisor Laura Henry said about canceling the dance.
Tolo isn’t just a fun dance in the middle of the school year; it is also Key Club’s big fundraiser for the upcoming school year. “Last year we didn’t have Tolo either, so this year we couldn’t send any of our members to our district convention,” Key Club president and senior Grace Kim said.
“For kids to upfront the cost of D-CON by themselves, it is a couple hundred dollars each. We try to subsidize that by fundraising through Tolo and the Kuwainis Club so students don’t have to pay full cost,” Henry said.
Currently Key Club is assessing its options of rescheduling the dance or finding a new way to fundraise for next year. Whatever the case, hopefully it doesn’t snow.