Math club’s new year’s resolutions

Rachel Matteson, News Editor

Liberty’s math club has set their new year’s resolution. They’ve already been busy with hosting math competitions such as Math is Cool, Rocket City and taking the AMC tests. But what are they hoping to achieve this year?
“We’re trying to get kids excited about math early and create fun memories,” sophomore and officer Rose Maresh said.
This year, the math club is trying to shed light on math from a different perspective.
“We love to show people that math can be fun and to reach out to younger students to get them involved in STEM activities,” Maresh said.
To help young students get involved in STEM activities, they’ve hosted the Math is Cool competitions, according to Maresh.
While trying to engage kids, they’re also trying to show that math is for anyone and everyone.
“For people who think math club is just school math, it’s actually completely different. The math we do really challenges you to think and is something that many people would benefit from doing. When we have meetings, we’re learning, not just practicing what we already know,” sophomore Michael Sherwood said.
As more competitions come up, Math Club hopes to see more students attend the competitions and encourages Liberty’s students to join.