The AMC is A Major Challenge!

Raquel Rossi, Opinion Editor

You’ve seen the posters on the wall. “Optional AMC exam before or after school.” But what is this mysterious AMC?
“It’s a math test. If you take it and do well, you can get scholarships,” math teacher Thomas Kennedy explained.
Sounds easy enough, right? However, the test is surprisingly difficult.
“Unlike most things in school, it actually makes you think,” Kennedy said.
The AMC combines a wide array of math problems with complex wording to create optimal confusion.
“To be successful, you need really good math skills—like really good, A+ math skills—and very creative problem solving,” Kennedy said.

All of the questions are pretty difficult, but Kennedy admits that some questions are more difficult than others.
“The geometry questions with weird shapes inscribed inside other shapes where you have to find the area, those are usually the trickiest ones.”
If you would like to test out your math skills, keep your eyes peeled this time next year! The AMC runs these exams every year, and every year they’re different.