The secret behind club funding

Rachel Matteson, News Editor

At the beginning of every school year, ASB cards are advertised throughout the school as being a way to get into games for free, dock prices on Homecoming tickets and much more. But what they don’t tell you is that all the money ASB receives from those card sales, and Homecoming, is actually the money used for funding Liberty’s clubs. So how is that money divided up?
“All the club advisors and coaches submit budgets in the spring. If they request money then we have to weigh that against everybody else who is also requesting money,” ASB Bookkeeper Ann Fullington said.
There’s multiple factors ASB officers have to consider when giving out money to clubs.
“We look at the need, number of students, what is something that affects the whole school versus small groups, competitive and noncompetitive groups, and so forth,” ASB advisor Michelle Munson said.
However, the most important factor, according to Ms. Munson, is the number of students that have bought ASB cards.
“We will look to see how many members have bought ASB cards. That’s partly why the sports teams get it first, because they’re required to purchase an ASB card,” Munson said.
Since ASB card sales vary each year, and, according to Munson,

Homecoming revenue can be anywhere between 10,000 to 12,000 dollars, so the amount of money to be given out can be very tight at times.
“The hardest part is knowing how far we can make it stretch. All our sports teams are going to receive money, that’s a given. But our budget is so tight that we don’t always have extra to even look at giving to our clubs” Munson said.
All the revenue that comes in from those ASB card purchases and Homecoming can also only go to clubs and Liberty’s sports teams, according to Munson.
“We can’t touch anything curricular. Anything that’s in the classroom, field trips, supplies, ASB can’t touch that,” Munson said.
Essentially, ASB funding can only be used for the club itself and funding cannot be used for items such as school supplies.
The bottom line is that when students don’t purchase ASB cards and Homecoming tickets, Liberty’s clubs have a significantly smaller chance at receiving funds, since sports teams will always come first. ASB cards and Homecoming purchases directly affect the ability for Liberty to sustain its clubs.