Anatomy, ornithology, and physics, oh my!

Serena Sherwood, Editorial Board Member

“We have everything from astronomy, to doing things like building mousetrap cars. There’s really stuff for everyone,” club president Hallie Chen said about Science Olympiad. One area that Science Olympiad is competing in is ornithology, or the study of birds.
“Ornithology is a really fun event. It’s a study event, so it’s basically just learning about birds and then taking a test about them,” said junior Martin Hausenfluck. “We have a whole binder full of birds and information about them, and we compete using that”. Even though the team competes in vastly different events, they still work together as a team.

“We aren’t super hardcore about how we place. We are more about having fun and doing things together,” Chen said. “We work cohesively, and I think that’s gonna drive us to a good place this year.”
Science Olympiad has placed in the top 5 in their past two competitions, and are hoping to qualify for state at their upcoming competition.
“Making top 5 in the state would be a good testament to both our teamwork as well as our success in competition,” Chen said. Science Olympiad will have their next competition on March 7.