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Must we really choose?

Drew Brady and Gabby Messina

November 26, 2014

NON-STEM JOBS When it comes to what career students should pursue, they have many options. Generally, jobs are classified into two fields, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), or non-STEM. Even though the top-paying jobs are in STEM fields, math teacher and former engineer Thomas ...

All aboard the struggle bus

Mackenna Briggs and Drew Brady

November 26, 2014

GIRLS You strap on those high heels, feeling like one hot female. That feeling quickly dissipates as regret crashes down with that first wobbly step. As each step after brings an increasing pain in your heel, and as the pain intensifies it manifests into one heck of a blister that remains for week...

My time in America

Marthe Jatun, Staff Writer

October 24, 2014

I come from a small town on the west coast of Norway with about 40,000 inhabitants, so living in a suburb in Seattle is very different. Being an exchange student has been my dream for so long, and finally I am here: Liberty High School in Renton, Washington. When I got my place documents, after a...

Thanksgiving Turkey Tales

Mackenna Briggs

December 10, 2013

Students and staff at Liberty shared their Thankgiving traditions: this is what it means to be a Patriot during  an American holiday:   CODY HUGHES (Freshman) For the past six years on Thanksgiving, my family and I have gone down to Coal Field Park at 10am to play a football game. My dad an...

Lights out

Kalie Murphy

November 1, 2013

It started with the lights – uncontrollable, flickering lights. Ghosts are often attributed with the ability to cause electrical disturbances, and no one knows this better than senior Katherine Kerstetter. One quiet school night, she was focused on her homework when the lights flickering above her ...

The hauntings of Mrs. Packard

Hannah Matson

November 1, 2013

Before Olivia George, a senior, and her family moved into their current home, a woman named Mrs. Packard lived and died there.  But it seems Mrs. Packard never really left; she still receives mail addressed to her, and makes contact with the new family every once and a while. Olivia’s older sister, Amelia, fi...

What is it like to look alike?

Mackenna Briggs

November 1, 2013

The ultimate question you would ask those select few who happen to share the same face: "What is it like being a twin?" What kind of answer would you expect? That it is such a thrilling experience? That it is a constant adventure? That they get kicks out of their situation by playing tricks on friends...

Just part of the gang

Kara Spencer

March 18, 2013

A quick Google search of your name usually shows the rotting MySpace profiles of the past, as well as the occasional people who share your name. However, for junior, Mike Kaukini, a quick Google search brings up the multiple news station interviews that document the youth empowerment work he does, tr...

Brooke Allen

Shelby Lex and Signe Stroming

November 26, 2012

Dogs. Cats. Hamsters. Gerbils. Fish. Guinea Pigs. Rabbits. Chickens. Goats. This may sound like the inventory list from your local pet store, but sophomore Brooke Allen has owned them all at one point. You may have seen Brooke in NJROTC, doing Color Guard, but you wouldn’t necessarily think of st...

Wiener World

Kara Spencer

November 26, 2012

 Driving by you see a frankenstein-like mannequin staring you down, pumpkins piled high, and a small white tent sitting in front of a trailer—but what exactly are you looking at? The unique Wiener World is the small cart sitting under that white tent and it should not be stereotyped simply by its...

Exchange Students Take on America: Helena Frestadius

Kara Specer

October 18, 2012

The class stands, places their right hand on their heart, and as if it was second nature, repeats the all too familiar words—"I pledge allegiance, to the flag…"; meanwhile, junior foreign exchange student from Sweden Helena Frestadius stares blankly at her peers, wondering what in the world they could...

Exchange Students Take on America: Patrick Kruse

Vica Hoffman

October 18, 2012

Maybe you’ve seen him around school, towering over most of the student body. That’s Patrick Kruse and unless you’ve heard his cool accent, you wouldn’t guess that he’s from Denmark. He’s just one of us, trying to make it through high school, endless homework and long, basketball practice...

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