Lights out

Kalie Murphy

It started with the lights – uncontrollable, flickering lights. Ghosts are often attributed with the ability to cause electrical disturbances, and no one knows this better than senior Katherine Kerstetter.

One quiet school night, she was focused on her homework when the lights flickering above her bathroom sink grabbed her attention.  They flashed rapidly at first, and then began to fade, but even when she turned off the switch, they kept flickering.

Then, lights all over the house lost control, turning on, off, on, off. There was no outside wind, no stormy evening to influence the lights.

“I was really freaked out. I didn’t know if someone was messing with the lights or if there was just a power surge. Whatever the case, I was really spooked,” Kerstetter said.

Kerstetter ran around the house, trying desperately to turn out the lights, to no avail. Then, one by one, the lights stopped flickering, everything fading back to normal.