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Wiener World

 Driving by you see a frankenstein-like mannequin staring you down, pumpkins piled high, and a small white tent sitting in front of a trailer—but what exactly are you looking at? The unique Wiener World is the small cart sitting under that white tent and it should not be stereotyped simply by its name, for it offers much more than your typical “dog”.

The new “it” place for lunch is spreading their wings, not only are they now selling apple cider, pumpkin pie, grilled cheese, and homemade soups, they are preparing to offer breakfast. The business hours will change from 9am-7pm to 6am-7pm. Business manager and owner, Glenn Korsgaard, has specific plans for what he thinks is a great bite to eat.

“They are going to be mostly an egg sandwich, but we mix in a lot of the same things that you put on a hot dog: jalapenos, bacon, cheese etc. Then we pour egg into it. We put that on a hotdog bun. They have been pretty popular with those I’ve made them for. We will also offer grilled spam sandwiches,” Korsgaard said

One cannot help but wonder how Wiener World came about. Korsgaard had been contemplating the idea of running a food cart for a while, and when he found one on craigslist, he decided to go for it. The idea to sell hotdogs, however, came easily.

“They are simple, and everybody likes hot dogs. Mostly it was the simplicity of it. As you get into cooking different foods, it gets more complicated with the health department, and so we decided to keep it simple,” Korsgaard said

As simple as hot dogs are, there is no doubt that Wiener World offers something different—something more unique than other food vendors. The mascot that stands outside their facility, “Frank”, adds character to the stand. The distinctive way they cook the hot dogs on a grill, searing the meat, adds flavor to the overall dog and style of the stand. But the most unique thing of all, Korsgaard says, is the way he and his family are selling to the neighborhood that they have lived in for years.

“I have lived in this neighborhood for my entire life, 44 years, and I now live in the house I grew up in. The house is just around the corner from the stand. I think it is kind of unique to have a business owner that has ties to the community like that. All of my kids went to Briarwood, Maywood and Liberty,” Korsgaard said.

For Korsgaard, knowing the community and having students at Liberty before means knowing what the students want.

“I figured the highschoolers were getting tired of eating subway and teriyaki. We try to get people in and out of here super fast because we understand that they have to get back to school,” Korsgaard said

So what is there to expect when going to Wiener World? Vegetarians can choose the tofurkey dogs, soups, or grilled cheese sandwiches. The adventurous can add peanut butter and bacon to their dog. For now through the end of November, customers can save a dollar with the Monday-Tuesday four dollar combo. As December rolls along, everyone can marvel at the Christmas trees that will be sharing space with the stand. It seems as though whatever Wiener World comes up with, it will never lack in originality and a wide array of options.