Brooke Allen

Shelby Lex and Signe Stroming

Dogs. Cats. Hamsters. Gerbils. Fish. Guinea Pigs. Rabbits. Chickens. Goats. This may sound like the inventory list from your local pet store, but sophomore Brooke Allen has owned them all at one point.

You may have seen Brooke in NJROTC, doing Color Guard, but you wouldn’t necessarily think of striking up a conversation with her.

“I like dangerous stuff, but I’m not really the dangerous type,” Brooke said with a smile.

Brooke definitely isn’t afraid to be her own person. She likes graphic design and wants to be a tattoo artist, but she also has a soft spot for her many pets.

When she was born, her mom already had a dog. “His name was Cue. My mom named him after a pool table.” Cue was a Shih-Tzu York, and though he died a few years ago, Brooke has many fond memories of him.

“He was pretty old. He’d just sit there and look at you and bark at your and start licking your nose.”

Brooke’s other favorite pet is her goat Buddy. Why a goat? “My mom just thought a big, four legged animal, on four and a half acres would be fun,” Brooke said with a shrug.

One of her favorite memories is Buddy leaning his head against her hand, whenever she was in his pen.

Knowing how many pets Brooke has had, it’s hard to believe she could want anymore. “I’ve always wanted a pit-bull or maybe a wolf.”