The hauntings of Mrs. Packard

Hannah Matson

Before Olivia George, a senior, and her family moved into their current home, a woman named Mrs. Packard lived and died there.  But it seems Mrs. Packard never really left; she still receives mail addressed to her, and makes contact with the new family every once and a while.

Olivia’s older sister, Amelia, first met Mrs. Packard when she thought she was home alone.  She heard footsteps coming down the hall, so she called out the names of everyone who lived here.

No response.

The footsteps kept coming.  Scared of an intruder, Amelia ran out of the house and called her father to come home and investigate.  When they entered the house together, they found it still deserted, but there were footprints in the hall.

A week later, Olivia’s father heard a noise in the bathroom and went to investigate. Nobody was there, but he heard someone cheerily say, “hi!”

The faucet was running.