What is it like to look alike?

Mackenna Briggs

The ultimate question you would ask those select few who happen to share the same face: “What is it like being a twin?” What kind of answer would you expect? That it is such a thrilling experience? That it is a constant adventure? That they get kicks out of their situation by playing tricks on friends all the time? That they can read each other’s minds? Well, in all realities, the answer you will most likely hear is: “I hate that question.”

Or in Junior Simone Kylstra’s case, “What is it like not being a twin?”

Twins are constantly compared; who is better at what? For some reason, people find the fact that one twin could be better than the other at something incredibly fascinating. They make assumptions and expect twins to have the same exact interests. What it comes down to is that twins are not actually identical.

“Sometimes being a twin is really annoying because people make it a competition,” Simone Kylstra said. “Who’s better at math, who’s better at science and sports? It is very annoying, and even though there may be a little competition between us, I try to focus on myself and not on what she is doing. We have different strengths and weaknesses, and I know that.”

Being a twin means that you have the same appearance as another, but it doesn’t mean you are the same person. Skylar Kylstra couldn’t be more different from Simone. She is vegan; Simone is not. Skylar plays violin; Simone plays trumpet. Simone does dance; Skylar does not. They have different interests and sharing the same face does not change that.

“At the end of the day, we are still different people,” Skylar Kylstra said.

As for Nathan and Jacob Christopher, Jordan and Amanda Hemmen, and Cherelle and Danielle Demps, they do share some of the same interests. All those pairs of twins do the same sport, and they have the same group of friends and share some activities but the similarities stop there. Their personalities are nothing alike.

“We do the same things, we play the same position in soccer and we have the same friends,” Amanda Hemmen said. “And because of that people expect us to be the same. It’s really annoying.”

A twin’s relationship is special, but don’t be fooled into thinking that they love each other more than anything. That sibling love/hate relationship still prevails.

“I think that to an extent you absolutely hate them,” Jordan Hemmen said. “But even if you absolutely hate them, you’re together all the time and we are close because we basically share a life.”

Being a twin isn’t all terrible. It definitely has its kicks. A twin has twice the amount of clothes, has someone always there for them, and they have that close relationship most people will never experience.

“It’s nice to always have someone there. If you’re going to a new place or will experience something new, she will always be there,” Cherrelle Demps said. “She has my back and I have hers.”