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Tribute to Dawson Solly

Allie Bowe, Focus Editor

April 18, 2016

Dawson Solly was a Liberty graduate of 2012, and passed away on February 10, at the age of 21 from complications of flu and Type 1 Diabetes. During his four years at Liberty, he played bassoon for the  band, was a sports editor for the Patriot Press, and was involved in football, basketball, and track....

Patriot Profile: Katelen Baggenstos (10)

April 18, 2016

At 15 sophomore Katelen Baggenstos works part time at Stone Gate Stables, where she mucks the stalls, feeds the horses, gets them ready for lessons and can also ride the horses for exercise. Working 18 hours and not having enough time for herself, her education has been affected as well. “I get paid...

Patriot Profile: Andrew Houghton (10)

April 18, 2016

Sophomore Andrew Houghton works for a company known as Aspire Consolidated, which is the top website designing company in the western region. He got his job from his dad’s friend of a friend, who set him up with an interview. The company immediately liked him and hired him. Houghton is a sales division...

Tania Nambo: flying high over the stress of life

Wyatt Waters, Staff Writer

February 26, 2016

Imagine standing high above a sea of people, with blindingly bright lights focused on you. You take a deep breathe to appease your ever-mounting nerves, and present a jubilant smile to the crowd. Then, without further ado, you leap from the platform with trapeze in hand, and quickly those countless hours...

Bella Oliver, bending and blending into a new school

Fiona Hinkulow, Senior Writer

December 1, 2015

For six weeks last summer, Senior Bella Oliver lived in Japan, going to school and experiencing Japanese culture first-hand. With the help of a scholarship from Youth for Understanding, Oliver took a flight to Japan. “The last person that I touched was my mother before I boarded the plane. I didn’t...

Recent Additions to Liberty: New additions to the Patriot staff

Skyler Radford and Allie Bowe

October 22, 2015

Motoko Abe Subject: Japanese “All the students here are nice and I like the nature here. Texas was very different! I want to make the Japanese program bigger and make an authentic atmosphere here.” Vicki Kenney Subject: Counselor H-N “Everyone is really thoughtful. The energy is really...

Humans of Liberty: Get to know your fellow Patriots!

Skylar Radford and Allie Bowe

October 22, 2015

“My biggest fear is probably talking in front of a whole bunch of people because one day when I was in kindergarten, we had to stand up and say what vegetable we were, and all I had to say was that I was a vegetable, but I peed my pants. Ever since then I can’t speak in front of people.” -Deborah...

Crash Course: the road to smart driving

Sydney Hopper, Kenadi Browne, and Brittany Toombs

June 2, 2015

Teen driving accidents are exceedingly common, and Liberty is no exception. We sift through the most common and dangerous causes of the accidents to aid prevention of the number one cause of teen deaths in America. Drinking Young drivers (16-20) are 17 more times likely to die in a crash when they...

Your part in participation

Allie Bowe and Anne Wu

April 22, 2015

Why teachers need it: We’ve all been there. The teacher asks, “Does anyone have the answer to number five?” and silence falls across the room. No one wants to speak up in case they don’t have the right answer, but then the teacher, stuck in silence, is forced to call on a random student. ...

Behind the disease

Mackenna Briggs, Focus Editor

April 22, 2015

For most of you sitting and reading this article right now, you probably don’t even realize that inside your pancreas, your beta cells are making insulin. Insulin is the hormone responsible for helping your body store or use blood glucose – the main sugar found in blood and the body’s main source...

Valentine’s Day vibes are in the air

Mackenna Briggs, Focus Editor

April 22, 2015

RON THRUELSEN Ron Thruelsen is known here at Liberty as a laid-back, loveable math teacher. But back in high school Thruelsen had a reputation. “I had some really good dates and I got the reputation of being the guy to go out with,” Thruelsen said. His favorite scenes: nightclubs in Hollywood...

A look into the life of Deputy Montalvo

A look into the life of Deputy Montalvo

Mackenna Briggs, Focus Editor

April 22, 2015

It isn’t all robberies, drug tests, and handcuffs for school resource officer Deputy Dave Montalvo. In October, Montalvo notified senior Sarah Bliesner that her car had been broken into. Anxious and confused, she rushed out to the parking lot, escorted by Montalvo. But when they reached her car, instead...

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