Humans of Liberty: Get to know your fellow Patriots!

Skylar Radford and Allie Bowe

“My biggest fear is probably talking in front of a whole bunch of people because one day when I was in kindergarten, we had to stand up and say what vegetable we were, and all I had to say was that I was a vegetable, but I peed my pants. Ever since then I can’t speak in front of people.”
-Deborah Daniel (11)

“I fear dying obviously. I think losing your life is the worst thing that could possibly happen because life is such a precious thing. I really don’t think you should lose it early, especially when it’s not your time.”
-Caroline Dunlap (11)

“I do jujitsu and I want to train with one of the masters in Brazil. Jujitsu is a grappling art, a fighting art that is very technical where you try to take someone to the ground and choke them. I always thought fighting was fun when I was younger.”
-Bradien Mudder (10)

“I’m not sure what to do in the future yet, but I want to be a fashion designer or a model and maybe a journalist. I fear that I won’t be successful because I want my future to be perfect for me and my family.” -Lea Juco(9)

“I want to make a difference, work in nonprofit and help kids. I want to give every kid the best chance through education, making sure they have food and clothing, and it’d be cool to do that with kids abroad.”
-Naomi Haxton(12)