Choosing the military over college

Allie Bowe and Bella Francavilla

Justin Carney

Justin Carney’s biggest concern as a senior is anything but college. Being in ROTC has opened his eyes to what really matters to him.
“I have nothing against college but, I wanted to do something after high school that mattered, and that’s one of the reasons why I joined the navy,” Carney said.
With generations of family members that have enlisted in the navy, Carney feels the need to carry on his family’s legacy and do the same.
“I felt like it was very important to carry that on, and I am very proud of my family for their tradition and their service. I just feel like it’s good to continue that legacy,” Carney said.
Even though the military has many different branches, such as Military, Airforce or Army, Carney would choose the Navy overall.
“Today almost all the stuff that happens, happens on the water. Protecting the oceans, more than 70% of our earth, and if we can control those it’s really going to help people be a lot safer.” Carney said.
Carney is not looking for the typical college experience and is ready for the challenges that will await him in the Navy.
“The main difference between college and the Navy is discipline. When you’re in college you’re going to classes but then after that you can do whatever you want. Study, don’t study, and hang out with friends.” Carney said. “You join the Navy; everything in your life is under someone else’s control.”


Fred Hillestad

“The most appealing aspect of the Coast Guard, to me, is their mission,”senior Fred Hillestad said.
Hillestad enlisted in the Coast Guard to preserve human life and make a difference by helping to keep peace in the United States.
“Firstly, joining the military is one of the best career choices you can make. From the benefits, to the pay, to the pension, it’s really a foolproof plan,” Hillestad said. “Secondly, I think that joining the military is one of the best life choices you can make.”
Hillestad believes that being in the Coast Guard will then give him values that he thinks are lacking in the population, and that he will be making a difference in the world that he wouldn’t be doing if he settled for continuing his education.
“Obviously life is much more regimented in the military. As a college student, you have full control over your environment; your food, quarters, and daily schedule are whatever you make of them. The military deprives you of those luxuries,” Hillestad said.
Missing out on the college experience won’t be something Hillestad will regret. He deems the Coast Guard worthy of his time and commitment over continuing his education like most high school seniors are choosing to do.
“Your time is not your own, the United States Government’s,” Hillestad said. “But at the end of the day, although being in the Coast Guard may not be as enjoyable, it is no doubt more rewarding.”