Profiles: Patriots who ride horses

Allie Bowe and Bella Francavilla

Bailie Hawkins

Western Style Riding evolved from the ranching and warfare traditions and both equipment and riding style evolved to meet the working needs of the cowboy in the American West.

Growing up with horses her whole life and then being taught riding western at five years old, sophomore Bailee Hawkins has still been riding and enjoys every moment.
“Before I was five I road with my mom on the saddle with her behind me.” Hawkins said. Through the years of horseback riding, Hawkins has developed multiple new skills that have aided her throughout her life.
“Balance, for sure. A little bit of courage too, because it’s unnerving to go really fast on a horse. They’re really big!” Hawkins said.
Horseback riding has become a part of her life and has gone beyond just her and an animal. Her horse has become a part of the family.
“I love being in sync with another animal. I like the connection that I get with my horse.” Hawkens said.
Although she stopped competing because of the stress that it brings on the horse and herself, she still enjoys the connection and thrill of trotting her horse whenever she can.


Kalee Kennedy

English Style Riding features a flat English saddle without the deep seat, high cantle or saddle horn seen on a Western saddle nor the knee pads seen on an Australian Stock Saddle.

With horses being her favorite animal, it makes sense that sophomore Kalee Kennedy has been riding horses since she was ten years old.
“I have always loved horses. They have always been my spirit animal” Kennedy said.
Kennedy’s life has been changed by the lessons she learned in horseback riding.
“I’ve learned how to care more about animals and people. You truly gain a connection with the horse you ride and it’s incredible,” Kennedy said.
Kennedy rides English and competes in jumping classes.The rider must remember a certain pattern within the jumps and has to go through each jump in numerical order, while keeping composure.
Even though the classes might be stressful, Kennedy still rides with passion.
“I love the feeling of being free when I ride, I don’t really think about anything else, and it’s relaxing,” Kennedy said.