Patriot Profile: Andrew Houghton (10)

Sophomore Andrew Houghton works for a company known as Aspire Consolidated, which is the top website designing company in the western region. He got his job from his dad’s friend of a friend, who set him up with an interview. The company immediately liked him and hired him. Houghton is a sales division director. He directs ten employees that he has in his in his division, which then goes to the lead generation which generates leads to close the design and then the draft is sent off to the people who will then start to design the website.
“Legally when working you are only supposed to work 15 hours a week. I work more than 25 hours,” Houghton said.
Houghton’s job does not affect his education because he can actually work at school via phone or computer. Houghton has no problem working on school work or socializing with his family and friends, and enjoys what he does.