Patriot Profile: Katelen Baggenstos (10)

At 15 sophomore Katelen Baggenstos works part time at Stone Gate Stables, where she mucks the stalls, feeds the horses, gets them ready for lessons and can also ride the horses for exercise. Working 18 hours and not having enough time for herself, her education has been affected as well.
“I get paid for riding horses and doing something I love,” Baggenstos said.
A tedious task at such a young age but done with shear enjoyment.
“Exercising one horse takes 45 minutes to an hour, so having to do that for three horses is very long,” Baggenstos said.
Working has provided Baggenstos with a source of income for herself; this allows her to pay for herself when her friends and she go out. She doesn’t need to stress about paying or getting money from parents.