Editor’s pick: Awaken, my love

Tina Bardot, Staff Writer

If you’re looking for an upbeat tune to sing along with in the car, Childish Gambino’s “Awaken, My Love!” is not the album for you. However, as a post-shower relaxing session sound, the mellow beat and easygoing progression is perfect. For those used to the style of Childish Gambino (born Donald Glover) the rapper, these songs will come as a surprise. His new album features a style that is original in a sense that it bears no resemblance to the pop which we blast from our radios, yet familiar in the sounds of traditional R&B and soul, drawing inspiration from artists like Jimi Hendrix and Prince. With very few lyrics, the songs “Me and Your Mama” and “The Night Me and Your Mama Met” are more focused on instruments, and reflect warmer feeling. Other songs, like “California” and “Redbone”, have more explicit lyrics (and meanings), yet the tunes still follow a softer style. For those new to the sounds of this variable artist, keep an open mind to the stories told by the actor-writer-comedian-rapper-singer-songwriter Childish Gambino.