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Mr. Tanner Brings New Life to Band

Christine Chappelle, Photography Editor

November 26, 2014

Life without Band Director Jared Tanner would B flat. Actually though, our bands would not be as in tune. Besides helping us learn how to correctly balance each individual instrument’s air stream and tuning slides with the groups’, he is turning the band into one that values professionalism. Three...

A good stretch

Betsy Faris, Staff Writer

November 26, 2014

It’s been about an hour and a half. Your legs are cramping after trying to find the perfect comfortable position, you tried almost every position from crossing your legs to folding them underneath yourself, but nothing can ease the ache in your shins. Then your butt goes numb, the tingling creeps up...

Kudos to Kiwanis Key Clubbers

Anne Wu, Senior Writer

November 26, 2014

I am thankful for Key Clubbers who, in the midst of balancing academics and family life, make time to volunteer and give back to the community. Their passion for helping others is contagious, cultivating an atmosphere of compassion and commitment not only within the school, but also in the communities...

An Ode to My Addiction

Anna Malesis, Managing Editor

November 26, 2014

It is a relentless itch in the back of my mind. I think about it constantly: waiting, wondering, anticipating. It drives my every move. I need it. All of my friends need it. We all need to know. It used to be so hard, take so much more trouble, but you changed that. You make it so easy for me to get...

Mrs. Grade Saver

Allie Bowe, Staff Writer

November 26, 2014

September brings A’s, October brings B’s, but by November it seems too late to turn back to the times of Honor’s Society and healthy sleep cycles. But one person can change all of this. One person comes to the rescue. Angie Kruzich makes us stop from having to “accidentally” lose our report...

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