Mr. Tanner Brings New Life to Band

Christine Chappelle, Photography Editor

Life without Band Director Jared Tanner would B flat. Actually though, our bands would not be as in tune.

Besides helping us learn how to correctly balance each individual instrument’s air stream and tuning slides with the groups’, he is turning the band into one that values professionalism.

Three years ago, band was a hip place to be. Fun stories intermingled with the newest iPhone and piping hot Starbucks. This atmosphere, although fun, did little to encourage practicing.

During the drawn-out change in authority between Mr. Donley and Mr. Tanner, even less people practiced, and who would blame us? We knew our current conductor would not be around in a few months.

The transition into the era of tie pins and neatly pressed shirts was a bit of a shock for us. Suddenly, the conductor could tell that the flute’s fingers were sticking on a difficult run, or the trombones had been playing a note wrong the entire time.

The change in culture was the biggest shock, though. We were not told we were playing it wrong, but rather, that we could improve it. We were not told that our intonation was comparable to that of an overenthusiastic elephant, but rather, handed long-tone exercises specifically meant to improve tone.

Mr. Tanner shows more patience than any other teacher I have had, and through this, he models what good musicians are: patient and dedicated. He is teaching us that putting in the effort produces something the entire group can be proud of, and I am thankful to be a part of that.