A good stretch

Betsy Faris, Staff Writer

It’s been about an hour and a half. Your legs are cramping after trying to find the perfect comfortable position, you tried almost every position from crossing your legs to folding them underneath yourself, but nothing can ease the ache in your shins. Then your butt goes numb, the tingling creeps up and you just have to fidget awkwardly in hopes of your butt joining the rest of your body in awaken ness. Then the bell rings. YES YOU HAVE DANCE AND YOGA NEXT! When Ms. Werre is taking attendance, she asks you the most thought provoking question, it’s like she genuinely cares about your personal life. Then its time for a throwback, playing those elementary school yard games that were always a blast. Sharks and minnows is one of the best things on the planet. Now, you get to kick off your shoes and jump into your zumba line, shaking out all of those cramps as you go. All of that after lunch, pre after school energy that has built up is finally expelled in a form of dance energy. Now its time for an afternoon stroll to retrieve yoga mats. You are currently being used as a pack mule because all of your beloved friends are too lazy to get their yoga mats. You come back with your stacks of yoga mats only to find that all of the spaces for you and your squad have been taken up. Now the unthinkable has happened, your squad has to split up! You finally find a spot to do your exercises and begin. Hey this isn’t so bad, you silently thought. But then, tree pose. Oops I just fell over, let’s hope nobody saw that. Yep they all did. “Everyone lets do the corpse pose”, Ms.Werre’s voice sings. There is an immediate sound of relief from the class. You literally get to take a nap for ten minutes. The music starts and you lay your hand over your stomach and your mind begins to wonder. Did I turn off my curling iron this morning? Why won’t my nail polish stop chipping? Am I breathing too loudly? Then your brain shuts off, and all you can hear is the relaxing music and the sound of your breathing. All of your worries flow out of you, and it’s hard to believe you were annoyed over such stupid things, like being used as a human pack mule. You feel refreshed when Werre says it’s time to go. Dance aerobics and yoga is the best part of my B-day. Thank you Ms. Werre!