Mrs. Grade Saver

Allie Bowe, Staff Writer

September brings A’s, October brings B’s, but by November it seems too late to turn back to the times of Honor’s Society and healthy sleep cycles. But one person can change all of this. One person comes to the rescue. Angie Kruzich makes us stop from having to “accidentally” lose our report cards. Without her tutoring classes, my weekends would be filled with meltdowns and lectures from my parents. She is the secret weapon that kids have used for years, and is the person that not only I am thankful for, but numerous other ex-failing students are thankful for also. She wipes away the stress of getting an F on a chemistry test or not understanding how to do my pre-calc homework. Without her help, quadratic formulas and scientific moles would be lost in my brain somewhere and my teachers would start to sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown. I’d be lost and confused.  But after a tutoring session with her, the world becomes a little bit happier, because I am a little bit smarter. That is why, this thanksgiving, there’s no way I could ever thank her enough for being my grade saver.