Fresh faces on the field

Mirabelle Williams, Entertainment Editor

This year, Liberty’s varsity teams have a few select freshman athletes in the game! 

Making the varsity squad of a team sport is considered the highest accomplishment for many young athletes. Volleyball, soccer, and football are all time-consuming sports that take a lot of drive and dedication, especially for freshmen players.  

“I’ve been playing for six years, and I practiced over the summer. I did lots of camps and clinics to prepare for tryouts,” freshman volleyball player Charlize Espinosa said.  

Being a freshman on varsity means more hours of practice required to reach the level of skill that many older players may have already achieved. On top of this, many of these athletes have also developed specific habits off the court to improve their performance. 

“I make sure I get a good night’s sleep, and don’t stay up super late. Staying off my phone before any game or practice also really helps me clear my mind,” freshman varsity soccer goalie Peyton Warns said.

These efforts are not unrecognized by their team members. The athletes said the response to their position on the team has been very supportive.  

“My teammates are really friendly and have helped me through this whole new experience. They’re my closest friends,” said Espinosa.  

Looking forward, it seems most of these players have similar goals, whether that be continuing their sport through college, or just focusing on the season ahead. Regardless of what’s next, one thing is for certain: they’re just getting started.