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Serving new sports: badminton and flag football

The nets are set and students gather for what many would consider a highlight of PE in the spring: Badminton. While many Liberty High School students can enjoy participating in sports like Basketball or Tennis throughout the year, some sports remain forgotten. Until now.

Well, the wait is over. According to Jordan Frost, the Issaquah School District Athletics and Activities Director, there very well may be additions of both Badminton and Flag Football next year to Liberty’s sports.

“A group of schools made the recommendation this year to add Badminton and Flag Football as official sanctioned sports. If this is approved, school districts could explore adding one, both, or neither program,” said Frost.

The addition of Badminton and Flag Football have been something Frost has wanted for a while.

“Various schools around the state have been offering these activities, including many schools in KingCo,” said Frost.

If these sports get approved for Liberty then Badminton would be offered as a Spring sport and Flag Football would likely be a winter or spring sport. Badminton, especially, is already popular among many Liberty students.

“I mean our club is pretty small right now, but maybe if it was added as a sport then it could help our club get more popularity,” said Badminton Club member Jayden Chon.

Badminton as a new sport at Liberty would benefit those that aren’t interested in any of the current sports offered, but it could also be a great way to get into Liberty sports.

“Badminton is a pretty beginner friendly sport and getting started with it is easy,” said Chon.

Flag Football can also be an easier sport to get into than Football. Flag Football doesn’t require the same muscle and physical contact that Football does, making it friendlier to those that don’t feel ready for the intensity that can come with Football. 

The addition of either sport would provide new opportunities for students to participate in sports, which can be a great activity for students.

“Sports are a great way to meet new friends, have fun engaging in an activity, learn valuable skills for life, and represent your school community,” said Frost.

In the end, it isn’t certain whether either sport will be a part of next year’s selection, but the likelihood of at least one of them is bigger than ever.

“I certainly hope that our district continues to be responsive to the interests of our students,” said Frost.


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Harper Day
Harper Day, Senior Writer

Harper Day is a senior at Liberty High School and a senior writer for the Patriot Press. They are involved in theatre and LSN at Liberty. In their free time, they can be found drawing, listening to music while drawing, and watching movies (yet again, while drawing).