Funding unique scholarship opportunities: especially for Zolps

Jacqueline Rayfield, Opinion Editor

When applying to colleges, there is one phrase that we hear over and over again: look for scholarships. But for the average busy high-schooler, allocating time to spend on applications for scholarships that he or she may not even receive can be challenging, especially when the scholarships require boring essays about school or extra-curriculars.
That’s why, when I set out to find scholarships for Liberty students to apply to, I wanted to take a new approach. What scholarships could Liberty students apply to that might be a little more interesting?
If you are tired of writing essays bragging about your accomplishments, the “Make Me Laugh” scholarship is the one for you. Simply write a short essay describing an embarrassing or comical event in your life for a chance to receive $1,500 (applications due by August 31).
If you aren’t excited about the idea of sharing your embarrassing stories, but have a knack for comedy, try the “Zombie Apocalypse” scholarship. Write an essay about how you would survive the zombie apocalypse with only five items for a chance to win $2,000 (due by October 31).
There are also scholarships for people with all ranges of interests. From llama enthusiasts, to nudists, to members of Starfleet, there are countless opportunities to make a quick $1,000.
Or maybe you are a Liberty student with certain physical characteristics. Are you tall? Try applying to the “Tall Clubs International” scholarship (due July 15). Do you sweat a lot? Check out the “SweatBlock” scholarship (due July 15). Or maybe you happen to be a Catholic with the last name of Zolp? There’s a scholarship for you too (but be careful, Zolp imposters WILL be found out).
Maybe you’re thinking that $1,000 isn’t enough for all your hard work. The “Calm-A-Sutra” scholarship asks applicants to make a video describing the health benefits of tea for a chance to win $20,000 (due August 6). But be warned, the competition is intense.
While it might seem like a lot of work to apply for a scholarship only to cover a fraction of your college tuition, there is really no other job available to high-schoolers that will pay $1,000 or more for about an hour’s worth of work. And especially when the scholarship topics are this interesting, there’s no excuse not to apply.
Whether you chose to apply to one of these scholarships, or a local Boosters or Rotary scholarship, there is a scholarship for every interest and personality.
While Zolps may have a slight advantage, there is money available to everyone.