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In March, spring begins, flowers bloom, the sun shines, and snow disappears until next year…At least, that’s what they want you to think. Punxutawney Phil was lying to you and he was lying to your families when he “couldn’t see” his shadow; spring isn’t coming six weeks early.

This, along with a plethora of other reasons, is why March, ironically dubbed national optimism month, is the worst month in the year. Perhaps the most obvious is the weather that can’t choose between sunshine or sadness, leaving us with the worst of both worlds.

It’s never hot enough to sit outside and enjoy the sunlight, but it’s never cold enough to go sledding or sit inside by the fire. Most of the time, it rains; don’t get me wrong, I love the rain, but it can only rain so much before you get sick of it.

What’s more infuriating is when it actually is bright and warm out, so you go outside thinking summer is finally on its way, and it starts pouring like the sky is taunting you with what is just out of reach.

You know, I could manage the weather if there was a holiday like Halloween or Christmas to look forward to, but, you guessed it! March has got squat.

How am I supposed to motivate myself to get through the month if I have no cute little holidays to celebrate as a sort of monthly intermission? I need a monthly theme and what is the theme of March supposed to be? Four leaf clovers and leprechauns? No. St. Patricks Day is the most mediocre holiday to exist (sorry Irish people). I usually forget it’s even happening until I see someone parading around the halls in blindingly green pantaloons with a top hat.

Plus, having no holidays also means we get zero days off from school. This year we technically were supposed to have a day off but because we had a snow day, we have to go that day and the next, and the next, and the next.

Having time off in March would be really beneficial too, considering that SATs are scheduled at Liberty on the 13th and AP classes start rushing to teach you the rest of the content before the AP tests. A day off could be some useful study time or simply time to catch up on your favorite show, hang out with a friend, or sleep in.

Time is of the essence more than usual in March because, just to twist the knife, we lose an hour with Daylight Savings. It’ll mess with everyone’s schedules and not have much of a benefit on anything! WWI ended over a century ago, so I think it’s time to let that tradition go.

Overall, March is extremely disappointing. It’s National Women’s History month, perhaps its only redeeming quality, but I think women deserve a better month.

In fact, I vote that we get rid of March entirely by divvying up the days and distributing them throughout the other eleven months of the year. It’s time to move on, and March is only holding us back.

About the Contributor
Jocelyn Hood
Jocelyn Hood, Opinion Editor
Jocelyn Hood is a Junior at Liberty High School and co-editor for the Opinion section of the Patriot Press. She is involved in activities at Liberty such as theatre, art club, and honors society. In her free time she likes to watch horror movies.