Angelic 2 the Core


In order to talk about Corey Feldman’s Angelic 2 the Core: Angelic Funkadelic/Angelic Rockadelic (and yes, that is the album’s full title), one must first understand Corey Feldman. He was a child actor in the 1980’s, and has been releasing albums sporadically since 1992, with little success. Angelic 2 the Core, his most recent foray into music, is a confusing, embarrassing mess that fits only the barest definition of music.
The first, and most notable mistake on this album, is the sheer length of it. Clocking in at over an hour and a half long, there isn’t a single song that I can say anything good about. Most tracks sound as if they were written in ten minutes, with half the time dedicated to writing nonsensical lyrics and the other half dedicated to choosing a few drum beats or synth patches from a free music library. It’s not possible to single any song out, since the strangeness is so consistent throughout.
Some songs have “skits” in them. These are spoken portions that are frequently made to sound as if they are from Charlie’s Angels. While I understand that these were supposed to be funny, they come off as uncomfortable at best and creepy at worst. I do not want to hear a former child actor say “lickety-splicky.” I think he is trying to say “Lickety-Splickety,” the title of a track, which is a butchering of the phrase “lickety-split.” For the record, this isn’t even the most surreal moment on the album.
This album is a must listen for anyone who wants to make music or even listen to music—in some ways, Angelic 2 the Core is a wonderful display of what not to do in music. It is hilarious, will drive you insane, and as truly horrendous as it is, I love it. If any single album fits the definition of “so bad it’s good,” it is this one.