“Sucker” : 2019


You don’t need to listen to this song. Seriously. If you have listened to any song that’s come out in the past five years, you’ve heard “Sucker.” It isn’t bad, but it is bland, and that’s a major problem for a band who’s released interesting music both together and apart. In essence, it doesn’t sound like the Jonas Brothers we know and love. The instrumentation is uninteresting, and the only splash of unexpected sound in the entire song was a drum fill that was oddly quiet, despite the fact that it’s the only instrument playing at the time. And while lyrics have never been the Jonas Brothers’ best skill, in part due to past control from Disney, they don’t exactly help in the case of “Sucker.” It’s the same as every other song on every Top 40 radio: “I love you even though you hurt me, because I can’t get enough of your love.” While the song does succeed in sounding like a pop song by a big artist, it doesn’t do anything else to warrant being listened to.