L-Files #4: The Illuminati at Liberty?

As the school year has progressed, a startling new trend has emerged. A series of problems that have only been getting worse. All evidence that the illuminati has infiltrated Liberty.
The long line of cars that pile up in front of the school before school begins is a struggle for all Liberty students. the number of cars has mysteriously grown… What is the cause of this?
Clearly, it’s the Illuminati. A newly established branch of the secret organization is the source of the traffic. As more people commute to their jobs, the line of cars to get into Liberty gets longer. This also helps to explain the suspicious lack of parking off campus…
Another mysterious phenomenon that can be explained by the Illuminati is the locked doors. With a mysterious agency at your school, you need to stay as safe as possible. Filtering all students through a few doors allows for increased security screening so no enemy combatants can sneak in and steal state (or even school) secrets.
Freshman juuling in the bathroom? New Illuminati recruits are passing secret messages hidden inside. Teacher lunches were switched? Teachers loyal to the new program got their preferred lunch while the others were sequestered to their classrooms. Classrooms in which you either overheat or freeze? Energy that was used to control the heating system is slowly being drained to power the “tools of the trade”. Every issue at our school can clearly be explained by the Illuminati.
Everything except the missing soap in the girl’s bathrooms. That’s definitely the aliens.