Banned Homecoming dance moves

Liberty Homecoming has a timeless tradition of tasteful dancing. But it wasn’t always this way. Here are the most vile, scummy dances from Liberty’s unregulated dancing era.

“The Sweaty Sock”

This classic dance move was a homecoming staple until Mr. Kennedy tried the move back in ‘99. It’s been said that the those present have never recovered their ability to smell.

“The Flipped Turtle”

While most will see that the student handbook bans dancing on the floor, many will not know the reason it was banned initially. They obviously don’t remember ‘85, when a senior flipped over and never returned right side up.

“The Acute”

The student handbook expressly bans anything less than a 90° bend in the back. One can only imagine the horrors that would ensue if Joe Sophomore went 89 or below.