It’s an honor to be in Honors English

Vanshika Sindhu, Staff Writer

This Thanksgiving, I want to take the time to recognize my Honors English class. This class is my most difficult one, yet it’s the one I have grown to appreciate the most.

Every time I walk into class, I am excited to see what new things I can learn, not only from Mr. Level, but from my peers as well. My classmates are entertaining and thoughtful, so I have enjoyed all of the deep, thought-provoking, and funny discussions we have had. It is difficult for a person— especially me—to find enjoyment in an English class, but third period Honors English has managed to do just that. 

You might be sitting there, thinking, “It’s really not that deep.” But it is, to me. So, I just wanted to share my appreciation for the amazing group of people that my Honors English class is and how much the class has given me—not just a love for analyzing but a deep appreciation for discussion and writing as well.

From Winston to Montag, we have experienced and will continue to experience together, the thrilling roller coaster that Honors English is. Let us continue to conquer together the challenges and ideologies that this class presents and come out on top as bearers of great, valuable knowledge.