Marching into our hearts

Stella Roberts, Creative Director

For those who aren’t entirely invested in the sport, the Liberty marching band heightens the football game experience. There is something invigorating about arriving at the venue to hear the drums and horns passionately cry out our fight song. 

The marching band works incredibly hard to entertain us during the lulls at our games. From band camp in the summer to Wednesday mornings in the school year, marching band practices constantly. Their amazing half-time show during Homecoming when they formed an “LHS” on the field showcased that dedication to creating a fun environment. They keep a fresh song selection, too, by effortlessly blending a variety of modern and vintage songs. 

The main reason why I’m grateful for marching band, though, is the community they provide. My younger sibling started high school this year, and I was afraid that it would be difficult for them to adjust. By being in band, they automatically had to be in march. This opportunity allowed for my sibling to smoothly transition into the Liberty community by being surrounded by a group of supportive patriots of all grades. The way they describe how fun marching band is for them makes me wish that I, despite never touching an instrument, joined too. 

Marching band is a wonderful group of talented and welcoming musicians. It’s about time that we appreciate them.