We are blessed for a lack of mess

Drew Brady, Senior Writer

A high school obviously produces its fair share of waste: recyclables, compost, garbage, litter, not to mention the other forms of waste we produce in porcelain receptacles. Somehow, we don’t have mountains of our trash rivaling the heights of Rainier or Kilimanjaro. Where does it all go?

I’m sure many students don’t realize how poorly we would get along without the hard work of every employee and volunteer at Liberty. There are a specific few, however, that I hold in a very high regard.

I am thankful for our reserved and often overlooked sanitation professionals that keep our school in pristine condition. They all work hard to keep Liberty as clean as possible. Some stay long after students have scurried home to clean floors and prepare for the filth storm that would hit in the near future.

Please don’t consider this as just a mere thanking. This is recognition for the unrecognized. This is a plea to make their jobs a little easier.

Everyone can participate in thanking our janitors. Try picking up any litter you see on the ground or outside. Maybe we could all transform into green human beings and purchase reusable water bottles to lower a large portion of our recyclable waste.

If we are indeed one, no one should have any problem showing appreciation for the custodians we couldn’t survive without.