Construction saving education

Jordan Carlson, Backpage Editor

The massed amount of construction workers and working efforts to build our new school has been much appreciated. Liberty High School is an amazing school full of hard working people who deserve a nice school. For the past 40 years we have been learning in the original Liberty and it’s time for a change. This change brings to liberty a modern look, contemporary style, and a comfortable feel. Thanks to the hard working construction workers we now have this awesome learning environment. Thanks to this new school, the ability to learn in this new setting allows for more effective learning. The new school has a nice set up and allows for easy navigation around the school mostly indoors evading the weather. The workers all had to demolish different sections of school at a time and then construct the new establishment out in the Washington weather. Thanks to the hard working construction team, this school has been able to come through. Although some may say that this school is not living up to expectations, my perspective is otherwise. I’m thankful that we have a school to learn in and it’s nice and modern. Some places in this world don’t have a school building to learn in. I’m thankful for this school to learn in and am thankful that the classroom sections of the school were able to be finished before my senior year began. This new school is great and lots of hard work went into it as well as lots of time and patience. But thankfully it’s almost done, and this new school is helping students learn in a good environment.