The only thing Liberty has the rest of the school district doesn’t

Joel Tinseth

Neglected, underfunded, unloved, we hold on to the one thing that makes our school unique. That is, of course, the eight-period schedule. Keeping the schedule was a long battle and will surely consist of more to come, but for now we can rest easy knowing we have what we fought for.

While there is still a lot of ambivalence towards the schedule, to me it is a fountain of potential. All of us have those few classes that we were only able to take because of the eight periods we have access to. The diversity brought about by the schedule is one of its crowning achievements, and is why I personally like it so much.

The greatness, however, doesn’t stop there. Having alternating blocks of four classes a day allows you to, with a little bit of motivation, get all your homework done in one day, or at least get a head start. This directly translates into having more free time the next day which could allow you to have a job or anything else you would like to do. It also allows you to talk to a teacher to get homework if you missed a class or get help with something you didn’t quite get in class.

The time constraints put in place by the eight-period schedule are easily overcome with a little bit of patriot pride and dedication. Put in the extra work and the dedication and you’ll come out with a thirty-three percent better education than any other scrub from Issaquah or Skyline.