The Liberty PAC creates new home for students

Jacqueline Rayfield

Every morning when I walk out of the cold mist into the brightly lit PAC, I’m reminded how lucky we are to have a beautiful new building at the heart of our campus. Seeing my friends in the same spot every morning in the lobby of the PAC is one of the comforts that I can count on to cheer me up even on the harshest morning.

Not only does the PAC provide a central building for the Liberty campus, it also gives a home to the wonderful arts programs. Robin Wood’s talented choir now has a fittingly beautiful space to practice and all of the shows at Liberty have a new stage to perform their magic.

Whenever I’m waiting around for a ride of for an activity to start, I know I can go to the PAC where it’s warm. I know that there will always be a place at Liberty where I feel comfortable.

While the rest of the campus may have a while to go before completion, the PAC is a testament to the beautiful campus to come. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to think about what we have instead of what we are lacking, so until the rest of the campus comes, I’m going to remember how great the new buildings are. They were well worth the wait.

Thanksgiving is about being together with the people who matter. In this spirit, the PAC has managed to bring everyone together. With this new facility, Liberty has a place to call home.