Thank you, PAC men and women

Natalie Gress

That’s right, I am applauding the hundreds who have carried the performing arts of Liberty to the pedestal they sit on. We all know the basics: it was months overdue, technical difficulties, the fire alarm incident of the Wizard of Oz. But at the end of the day, the Landback Performing Arts Center is a shining asset to our school.

Driving down Patriot Way, into the parking lot of Liberty High School, there it stands: a building with so many details, clocks, lights, sound boards, stairwells and storage that one might get lost in the artsy-fartsy magic of the place. Home of the theater department, band, orchestra, choir, improv, and video production this community of students and faculty would not be the flourishing department it is today without the help of the PAC-Men and Women.

Who are these little yellow bodies promoting the raw talent of our youth?  The Patriot Players’ numerous productions wouldn’t be made possible without their Grand Exhausted Leader, Katherine Klekas who faithfully develops or produces each production. The band, under the conducting arms of new director, Jarrod Tanner, is well underway in Jazz band and the first concert of the year.  The Liberty Student Network is making news with the help of new PAC manager, waka waka waka Torrey Womble. The harmonious orchestra is devotedly turned-out by Jana Dalpez. And last but not least, the choir department has grown into the melodious wave of voices due to the energetic spirit of Robin Wood. Not to forget that this could not be made possible without the help of countless volunteers who devote time behind the scenes to make these performing arts come alive in our new building.

Thank you, PAC-Men and Women, for giving me a safe place to express myself, and for being a launch pad for student expression.