Service with a smile

Jocelyn Tierney

My favorite time of day: Being handed the food that will soon enter my starving stomach. It’s not only the food that makes my day brighter, but it’s the effervescent faces of the Liberty lunch ladies.

Never failing to greet you with a smile, they ask you “How are you?” so genuinely, that you too can’t help but smile too. The lunch ladies are dedicated to providing all students and staff with delicious food to fill our famished stomachs. Somehow they all obtain amazing ability to know every ones name perfectly.

They really live up to the — “service with a smile. “motto.  All of the women sincerely care about liberty’s student body and never fail to express it with a smile and kind words.  Many students fail to realize how much time and effort that each lunch staff puts into the preparation the food.

We tend to take for granted the work that these ladies put forth by making all the food that we wait all day to consume. We forget to say a simple thank you.

So this is me thanking the amazing lunch ladies for giving us outstanding food with an outstanding attitude. They are amazing people that make our Liberty Family complete.