Sean Martin: the gentle (and caring) giant

Rachel Wittenberg

To me, it’s pretty obvious that being part of the administrative staff is not the easiest job on the Liberty campus, and when students hit the admin with snarky comments and sass, it is also pretty obvious that they do not get the credit they truly deserve.

More specifically, Mr. Sean Martin does not get the credit he deserves. Not only is Mr. Martin an assistant principal with plenty of administrative duties but he is also a Liberty representative for KingCo, active in all Liberty sports events and teams.

After the student section at football games began to disquiet the parent section and both opposing and home football teams at the beginning of this year, Mr. Martin came to ASB to ask for our input on how to solve the problem. His biggest push was to place the KingCo motto in our stands: Be Loud. Be Proud. Be Positive. Instead of making an executive decision on his own, he reached out to student leaders, recognizing that he may not know the best solution and that student input on student problems is extremely important and helpful. He approached the situation humbly and calmly and his solution kept the student section spirited and respectful although some students criticized him for restricting what we could say and chant.

This Thanksgiving, I am genuinely thankful for not only Mr. Martin, but the entire administrative staff of Liberty High School for constantly making the tough decisions that keep our school safe and respectable even through all the snarky comments.