Revival in spirit sets us above the rest

Connor Cherry

Thanksgiving is a time for thanks. It’s a time for reflecting on what you are thankful for before overindulging in that sweet turkey, gravy covered mashed potatoes, and standing in a line full of sweaty people to buy a TV at three in the morning. Many people in this modern day and age forget that giving thanks is the true meaning of the holiday. So what am I thankful for at Liberty? Well I’ll tell you.

This year, I was pleasantly surprised in the revival of the student bodies’ support and spirit during the football season. After last year when the spirit was at an all-time low, it was very refreshing to see the student body go all out to get behind the football team. At all the away games as well as home games I attended, the stand were packed full of Patriots. This made for a great evening every Friday night. It is refreshing to see a school rally behind a team and give full support even when losing. The Eastside Catholic game is a perfect example. You would be hard pressed to find this level of enthusiasm at Skyline, Issaquah, or those classless hooligans down the street at Hazen.

The seniors deserve much of the credit for bringing about this revival. In the three years I have been a Patriot, I have never seen a more spirited class. Next year everyone else needs to step it up to keep our spirit and support at an all-time high.

During this time of thanks please remember that this spirit and passion is what makes Liberty unique from everyone else. It is what makes the Patriot high school experience one of the most unique available. Be thankful for that this season.