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Liberty’s band: playing their way into our hearts

Each year the drill team participates in Salmon Days as a part of the parade, and each year Liberty’s band is right alongside us.

I’ve always appreciated the band in the same way every other Liberty student does; I enjoyed their renditions of various songs at football and basketball games, and the classic “Fight Song” was always valued.

I’m not sure what happened this past September at Salmon Days, but for some reason something finally “clicked” inside of me. I had finally come to an undeniable conclusion.

I love Liberty’s band.

Perhaps it was the way they did their little dance move, leaning back, strongly resembling those inflatable figures that float outside of car dealerships, as they jammed to one of their many songs.

Or maybe it was the way that with every new note they played, I couldn’t prevent the overwhelming feeling of wanting to smile and dance and tell them how much I love them.

Not only do I love the band, but I have an immense amount of respect for them.

There is no way I could ever play an instrument even if I tried, as I know next to nothing about music. The one thing I do know is that I enjoy every single song delivered from the instruments of the band, and being someone whose taste in music is extremely particular, that’s an incredible feat.

The band never ceases to provide an atmosphere of excitement, amusement, and community, whether they are playing at football games or at one of their concerts.

The band’s role in the Liberty community is so important, and in my opinion, highly underappreciated.

So thank you, Band. Thank you for pumping up fans at football games that much more. Thank you for filling the halls of the PAC with your fantastic music. Thank you for dancing while in the midst of playing an instrument.

But most importantly, thank you for never failing to bring a smile to not only my face, but to the face of every single person whom has ever been graced with the beauty that is Liberty’s band.