Lack of appreciaton for our educators

Nathan Dahm

There are many things that go overlooked by students with the day in and day out routine that the school year brings; the biggest being the outstanding teachers that provide a truly exceptional education.

Throughout my high school career I have taken several rigorous courses, and through the stress and the strain there have been two teachers that stand out the most. Mr. Steve Darnell and Ms. Kris Daughters have easily been the most influential, and have been major contributors to education that will help to guide me in the future.

Any student who has had either of these two teachers knows that what both Mr. Darnell and Ms. Daughters teach is not simply the information needed to pass a final or yearend test; sure the information is valuable in high school, but the study skills and practical knowledge taught by these two remarkable people apply to even the simplest situation.

Under Darnell’s tutelage students are taught to always question the information presented to them—a method that proves very effective in turning the many “concrete literal thinkers” that pass through the doors of his class into critical thinkers who are able to determine the validity of what is presented to them. Darnell encourages that “the question enlightens,” prompting students to consider their perspective, and their value within the society around them.

Ms. Daughters provides another insight to the practical world through her teaching, encouraging students to think more critically and to develop a unique perspective that considers the collective viewpoints of others. She encourages her students to find a unique “angle” by which they can examine information, and to view the world from another’s shoes; important not only critical thinking and broadened perspectives, but also individuality in the way people view themselves, their perspective, and their effects those around them.

Both Darnell and Daughters employ skills that broaden the horizons of students and encourage critical thought and individuality. They have changed my perspective of the role that I play within my own life and the society that surrounds me, and I consider both of them critical factors in my self-betterment as an individual—being able to experience a “fresh” perspective from two exceptional teachers has broadened my horizons, and is what I am truly thankful for.