Injured runners keep the XC family strong

Anna Malesis

Imagine that you are participating in a school sport, practicing hard every day with your team, when your doctor informs you that you are out for the rest of the season. This, of course, would be disappointing, if not devastating, but at the very least you have an extra hour or two for yourself after school. That is how most people would see it, at least.

When faced with a similar situation, cross country runners Megan Larson, Cassidy Larkin, Duncan Olson, and Vivian Ogino all chose to remain dedicated to the team, selflessly attending practices, meets, and other events instead of taking their newfound free time for themselves. I, on behalf of the cross country team, would like to thank them for their much-appreciated, voluntary support.

Despite being unable to compete, all four runners still showed their devotion by making many thoughtful contributions to the team. Megan always attended meets with unrelenting enthusiasm and plenty of Liberty spirit gear, and she even served as the girls’ team manager, organizing and hosting many team events.  Duncan was present at many practices and meets, including State in Pasco, to support his brother and friends, while Vivian and Cassidy made it their duty to cheer for every runner on the team, often aggravating their injuries while sprinting from place to place in order to watch everyone finish.

These four runners were the ultimate teammates: their actions were extremely caring and kindhearted, and I can’t thank them enough for their generous support. When it comes down to it, it is dedicated people like Megan, Vivian, Duncan and Cassidy that make the cross country team the family that it truly is.