In praise of the Veterans Day assembly

Jacob Johnston

I really love assemblies. I mean, any time taken away from school is a great time for me. But there is something extremely monotonous about the veteran’s day assembly. Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate our veterans. Their sacrifice and raw courage for this country is something we all should aspire to have. Yet, the past 3 veterans day assemblies have been well, a tad underwhelming. For example, a bell ringing 46 times during an assembly, where all students wait deathly quiet, bored out of their wits just doesn’t show the Veteran’s day spirit.

Traditions such as these are important, but for me, I lose the meaning, emotion and importance of veteran’s day in these traditions. That is why, I write in praise of this year’s Veteran’s day assembly. From the moment I walked into the assembly, I could tell this year was going to be different. There was a sort of buzz in the air, a dynamic feeling of activity and excitement. The assembly began with an eloquent and meaningful speech made by lieutenant commander Olivia George. The speech set the mood for the rest of the assembly, with powerful and impactful pieces spaced wonderfully apart one after the other. The two highlights of the assembly were choir’s amazing rendition of a number of military themes, conducted by the exceptional Ms. Wood, who continues to exalt and expand the choir program at Liberty into new heights. The second highlight of the assembly was the Medal of Honor video, which was truly interesting as it showcased a unique perspective on real life veterans and their stories and lessons on life and war.

I can honestly say I was not bored for a single moment during this year’s veteran’s day assembly. The level of intensity, passion and preparation at this assembly was unparalleled to any of the other 3 veteran day assemblies I have witnessed here at Liberty.

Real praise should be given to the ROTC program for organizing a thoughtful and emotionally provocative assembly.  Little is often said of the ROTC program, but one thing is clear, they are headed in a great direction.  Liberty is truly proud of their veterans because of these people.