College counselors come to the rescue

KD Kerstetter

Campus visits ought to be a necessity when choosing a college to attend, but some students simply don’t have the time or the money to visit the schools of their dreams. As a result, students end up applying to a college with very little prior information about the school or they end up settling for a school that they know more about. Settling can be detrimental to a student’s college life. Either the student goes somewhere local and does not get to experience a new world away from home or they believe the rumors and hype about the school and later come to realize that the school is not a great fit for them.

As every student knows college brochures aren’t as accurate of as the school would lead you to believe making those visits so crucial to one’s understanding of the feeling of the school and community. Since many cannot venture across the country to find the right school at the right price, admissions counselors have begun to come to us. These visits allow students to see what campus really feels like and if they think they could live there for four years.

They go beyond the brochure answers and what can be found on their website. They offer you student perspectives, as many were once students at the school themselves, and give a real person’s description of the area and what it is like to live there. Their assurances make moving across the country less daunting to the students who are about to forge a new path for themselves and for the parents who are about to let go of their precious angels. So, thank you counselors for making the trek to Liberty, often across the country, to come and give students a much more affordable means of getting a glimpse of your school.