Calming, quirky and great: that’s Mrs. Cooke

Tyler Ackerson

Thank you, Mrs. Cooke, for your cynical spirit and great sense of humor that has made history one of my favorite subjects. Sophomore year I was able to know that I could look forward to a relaxed class in Honors Euro and then I was introduced to something that I feel now symbolizes our relationship now.

Thank you, for being able to help with your football picks the past few years which has been exciting. We have been able to share victory and joke around in defeat. I will miss those when the season ends, but thanks is due for letting me share my sports knowledge.

Thank you, for writing me the all-important letter or recommendation letter that helped me land an interview for a spot on Dave Reichart’s Youth Advisory Board and what will hopefully be many college acceptance letters come the spring.

Thank you for making AP Government and Politics one of my favorite classes. I always look forward to your expressions when Keegan begins to rant; I always look forward to your jokes about Chase being your body shield; I always look towards your classroom which brings back so many good memories and is always home to many great conversations.

Thank you, Mrs. Cooke. You have been a great teacher, even if you have not come to any of my shows, and the amount of thanks I owe you could never be repaid. So thank you for everything you do and for all the memories you have left me.