Hidden Talents

Elizabeth Yan, Editorial Board Member

We’ve been stuck in quarantine for over a month now, unable to go out and socialize. With so much time on your hands, it’s a perfect opportunity to dust off your learning skills and pick up a new activity! From embroidering to baking, Liberty patriots are beginning to find new talents!

With the inability to go out to a gym, what better way is there to both exercise AND have fun than dancing? 

“I’ve always been interested in dancing, but my parents never allowed me to sign up for classes or lessons. I decided to take up dancing during quarantine to not only burn calories but express myself more. I’m not great at it, but it’s still been really fun despite my lack of skills,” sophomore Trixie Nguyen says. 

Even during quarantine, we can stay productive and motivated to become a better version of ourselves. “Quarantine is great for making use of your free time to do things we usually don’t do or try. When we’re going out about our lives, we often tire ourselves out by the weekends and end up using that time to relax, rather than enriching our lives with hobbies or activities,” Nguyen adds. 

No matter what, this period of time cannot be wasted, so get out there and start exploring, and who knows, maybe you’ll find a new hidden talent!