Teachers’ Past Valentine’s Days

You think your Valentine’s Day was strange? Wait till you hear these stories.


“The most memorable Valentine’s Day has to be from my senior year of high school. My ex-girlfriend and I had been broken up for a few months, but I still liked her. Our school was having a WrestleMania event and it happened to be on Valentine’s Day. I was there with my friends, when I saw my ex-girlfriend there with another guy. Eventually, I went home and she happened to follow me. She explained that the guy she was with was just a friend and that he tried to give her chocolates and it was awkward. We ended up just sitting there and eating the guy’s chocolate.”


“I went out to a restaurant with my then boyfriend and he happened to know the server, and it was a girl. Pretty much the entire time he ended up talking to the female server instead of me. We broke up very shortly after that, as you can imagine. When I was living back east with my sister, there was one year where we decided to be each other’s Valentine, and we surprised each with chocolates and decided to buy a present for one another. It was kind of ridiculous because we didn’t communicate about the gift and we ended up pretty much getting the exact same present for each other, a cute stuffed rodent.” “relationship and you want to celebrate it, you shouldn’t feel brelationship, don’t feel bad about being single, just do a self care day!”


“My husband and I are deliberately anti-Valentine’s day. We just looked at each other and thought, ‘We share bank accounts, why are we wasting money? It’s like, I still love you, but I appreciate you so much more when you’re cost-conscious.’ So if we are going to buy each other Valentine’s Day candy (which we never do anymore because we still have leftovers from Christmas) we just buy them on sale two days after Valentine’s Day. We also like to comment on “Here’s the worst Valentine’s Day card I saw, that I didn’t buy you, because it was so terrible that I couldn’t handle it.” Enjoy Valentine’s Day if you like it and if you don’t, don’t.”