Vy Nguyen plants seeds of spirit at Liberty


Naia Willemsen, Spotlight Editor

When picturing Liberty’s courtyards and landscape, most students think of flowers, bushes, the occasional small tree, and…avocados? While this may seem like a joke to some, it’s not to senior Vy Nguyen.

Last June, Nguyen, along with two other students, planted an avocado pit in one of Liberty’s courtyards. They didn’t think much of it until the end of the summer, when they saw that, against all odds, a small avocado plant had sprouted.

Since then, Nguyen’s planted multiple avocados around Liberty—but they’re not just plants to her.

“I feel like the avocados are my legacy, in a way. I hope they grow and produce so that I can come back and say I planted them,” Nguyen said.

While legacy can be a vague word, she knows exactly what she wants students to remember when they hear her name: to be yourself.

She certainly cares about being true to oneself. Since 8th grade, Nguyen has been passionate about school spirit, which is apparent every spirit day.

“It just felt like people need to be confident and be proud of who they are,” Nguyen said. “I just think it’s really important to support everyone and have school spirit. I think it’s necessary.”

According to ASB Activity Coordinator Michelle Munson, Nguyen’s school spirit shows a lot about her as a person. “She’s highly committed to what she does, but she wants to give, and serve,” Munson said. “She’s chosen to do that through spirit and through warmth and acceptance, which I think is what makes her Vy.”

Nguyen, and her spirit have left a big impact on Liberty throughout the last few years.

“She keeps morale up, and I think people don’t really realize how much of a leader she is,” junior and fellow leadership student McKaye Noel said.

This leadership, whatever form it may come in, has had a big impact on Liberty.

“I think it’s important for her to be recognized by a community that she’s making an impact on,” Munson said.

At this time next year, Vy Nguyen won’t be at Liberty, but for now, she is working to make Liberty even better—one avocado at a time.